Challenge Your Thinking with Dr. Linda Tucker
Adam Steltzner went from being described (by New Yorker Magazine) "as a dropout and small town playboy with few skills and fewer prospects" to someone who made history. This episode is about how Adam took that kind of history and made history.  And, not only history, but history that each and every one of us followed in the news.  If you ever wondered how the NASA Jet Propulsion Lab successfully landed a 2,000 pound, 2 and a half billion dollar Curiosity Rover on the surface of Mars a very special historian is here to enlighten us and teach us that we can be called many names in life, and we always have the ability to prove others wrong.  Adam Steltzner is the lead NASA Engineer and manager for entry, descent and landing on Mars. He has also written a book about this experience and his own entitled, The Right Kind of Crazy,”  and we are lucky enough to have him tell us all about what it takes to make our passion(s) a reality. 
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Trina Laughlin has been a clinical social worker for twenty plus years specializing in trauma therapy. She specializes in helping others find their way from the darkness of loss to what can feel like rays of hope. And, here’s the thing about Trina...trauma isn’t something she studies from afar--she’s lived it, too. Back in 2007, two days before Christmas, her twenty two year-old son died unexpectedly. In order to process and cope with her loss, she began writing about the many layers of her grief, the unspeakable emotion of it all--and her writing eventually became a book that she calls, “Season of the Fallen Sun.” Trina reminds us that there is hope beyond even the most excruciating emotional pain, and that we need other people to help put us back together when our lives feel shattered.  Trina is a powerful reminder that when we try to shut off or shut down our pain, we end up closing off our capacity to experience joy as well.

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