Challenge Your Thinking with Dr. Linda Tucker

Dr. Jill Suttie is a writer, researcher, and book review editor for the Greater Good Science Center.  She writes about research on psychological and social wellbeing--in particular, research on altruism, compassion, resilience, happiness, awe and empathy.  In this episode we discuss her articles about the latest findings by neuroscientists and researchers that are "discovering how music affects the brain, helping us to make sense of it's real emotional and social power." "Music impacts us in ways that other sounds don't, and for years now, scientists have been wondering why."  Please join us for those answers and an interesting discussion about how and why music makes us feel better and even heal. 

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Joe Kowan believes that saving up "little pieces of advice" has helped him to not only help himself but many others.  He has learned that doing something unexpected with your life, staying off the beaten path or simply taking care of others have been only some of the nuggets worth saving.  Joe has some serious stage fright and still managed to complete a  TedTalk that has gone on to resonate with millions.  He has that innate ability to inspire others.  We hope you will tune in and see if Joe will inspire you to try something again that you may have otherwise given up on.  

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