Challenge Your Thinking with Dr. Linda Tucker

Professor Sophie Scott is a Cognitive Neuroscientist who became one of the first researchers to study the science of laughter.  On her way to understanding laughter she actually did a stint as a stand up comic and discovered even more.  What is it like to create a science or anything of value where there was nothing before?  If you have ever wanted to do anything and worried what people might think this is the episode for you.

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Elena Dunkle dealt with a serious eating disorder in the years after she was raped at age 13. She recounts her process of coming to terms with the pain she was left to deal with in her memoir Elena Vanishing and here with us in this episode. If you or anyone you know is dealing with an eating disorder we hope you will tune in today. Elena is transparent about her long road towards healing and health; and is an important voice and hopefully a beacon for those dealing with the an eating disorder, as well as for families and friends who don’t quite know what to do. Whether or not you have experienced an eating disorder yourself, or someone close to you has--I know you will be inspired by not only Elena’s resilience, but also the resilience of her family, who rallied around her during some very dark years. The numbers in this epidemic are staggering and it is more than likely you already know or love someone who may be suffering.  Elena's words will likely help.

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Candace Lightner is the Founder of Mother's Against Drunk Driving (MADD) and We Save Lives.  She became an unintended advocate when her 13 year old daughter was killed by a drunk driver.  She later founded We Save Lives to further educate and influence the public about (the 3D's) Drunk, Drugged, and Distracted driving.  If you want to understand what it takes to overcome obstacles then Candace Lightner is the episode for you.    

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Julian Treasure created one of the most popular Ted Talks entitled, "How To Speak So That People Will Listen."  Today, we have a conversation about Julian's idea of consciousness, awareness, mindfulness, and the idea of being present.  Our communication with one another can often be like ships passing in the night--we come and go without taking the time to truly understand what is really going on beneath the surface of the words we exchange, or the way we receive them. Julian has built a career around how words and sounds affect us. He has managed to “see” our words and sounds, and talks about them in a way that helps us to better hear one another...say what we actually mean... and mean what we say. In Julian Treasure’s 5 viral TED Talks and his book “Sound Business”, he encourages us to be  “conscious listeners”: infusing deeper intention into the words we speak. I hope you will "listen in" today.

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Jessamyn Lovell had her identity stolen in a matter of minutes.  What is unique about her is that she managed to turn her experiences into a creative art project that not only brought her acclaim and publicity, but also lessons that have turned into wisdom that she is now sharing with others.  In 2010 Jessamyn turned her back on her wallet for a matter of moments.  Her life would ultimately change in ways she could not have foreseen or wanted to imagine.  What she would later come to realize and appreciate is that her life was also about to change in positive ways she could not have imagined.  We hope you will join us for the lessons learned and ultimately the creativity and wisdom gained for this life experience of hers.  Jessamyn's experiences show us how to find the silver lining in our own lives or at least consider the possibilities. 

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