Challenge Your Thinking with Dr. Linda Tucker

Kaitlin Roig-DeBellis is the first-grade teacher from Sandy Hook who saved her entire first grade class in December 2012.  She will carry the memory of that traumatic day forever, but she has found a way to move forward with hope that we can all learn from. Her inspiring outlook reminds us that there will always be tragedy in the world; but she questions and teaches us that is not reason enough to keep the blinds shut forever.  This is not to say that for a period of time that is exactly what she did.  As the inherent teacher that Kaitlin is...she instructs us that we, too, have the ability to choose to let the light in. Kaitlin saved her class that day in 2012 with her quick thinking and level headedness and is here today to teach us what it means to choose hope from her new book, "Choosing Hope."

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Gillian Zoe Segal faced many closed doors as she was collecting the interviews she needed for her most recent book, “Getting There.” Instead of giving up, she looked for a window to climb though--all while being persistent, yet polite.  Gillian’s example teaches us that when courage fails us, we can gain strength from those who inspire us by remembering that every success story involves a struggle of some kind. Gillian conducted interviews with some of the biggest names in business, music, and fashion with the specific purpose of demystifying the illusion that successful people have had everything handed to them on a silver platter. In fact, Gillian found that in most cases, the very opposite proved to be true. She consolidated these stories and pearls of wisdom into a book of mentors to pass on to others -- most notably, her own daughter. Although she never had a mentor herself, Gillian forged a path where there was no trail so that those who read her book would feel less alone on their own path towards their dreams.

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Kimberley Chambers, is here to teach us that when we are willing to face our fear, we have the opportunity to discover just how capable we really are. She is a stellar example of how building a reservoir of strength can prepare us for the greatest of life's challenges and how facing our true edge of fear has the capacity to bring us closer to accomplishing more than we ever dreamed possible.  When the odds are stacked against us, it rarely feels like an opportunity and yet research has proven that it's in life's biggest challenges that we have the opportunity to develop adaptability and resilience.

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Dr. Michaela Haas has written an important book, "Bouncing Forward."  Most of us are familiar with PTSD, but post traumatic growth may be a new concept altogether. The idea of post traumatic growth suggests that we’ll grow after a trauma...all you have to do is experience one for that to be questionable at least while it’s occurring.  The fact is that research is proving that there is growth especially and even after trauma. And, trauma comes in many iterations.  We have probably all experienced trauma in one form or another: from losing a loved one to being in a car crash. Dr. Michaela Haas has not only researched post-traumatic growth...she has also experienced it first hand.  She has consolidated twelve stories of resilience, growth and wisdom in her recently released book, Bouncing Forward and she is here during this episode to share much of what she has learned.  Dr. Haas proposes a different way to look at crisis; that while there is undoubtedly immense pain, there is also potential breakthrough and a silver lining.

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John Bradshaw is a best-selling author and esteemed therapist who tackles the complicated emotion of shame in his extensive work.  He has written numerous NY Times best sellers and recently wrote a book called Post Romantic Stress Disorder.  He has an impressive list of roles that include counselor, management consultant, theologian, philosopher, public speaker, and Senior Fellow with the Meadows Treatment Group. I believe that one of the reasons why John’s voice is so influential is because he practices what he preaches. He is vulnerable with his own struggles in life, and is generous with sharing his experiences and the valuable wisdom he’s gained over the many years he has been practicing and writing.  I hope you will join us for this episode.  He is a very special guest.

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Geni Whitehouse has gumption.  She was honest enough with herself to realize that she just was not passionate enough about a career she had spent many years working at and becoming successful at. If you have ever wondered what it takes to have the courage to leave a career that just "does not do it for you" then this is the episode for you.  Tune in to find out how Geni discovered a part of herself while honoring her late father’s life and grieving his death. Our losses, illnesses and most often our challenges can be great teachers if we are willing to listen.

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Dr. Joseph Bobrow is an author, psychoanalyst, Zen Master and founder of the Coming Home Project.  He falls into the category of people that I am most interested in:  the people who never give up and the amazing things they accomplish because of it.  We all have choices in life.  We can choose to complain, remain steeped in frustration about one thing or another or we can choose to do something about it.  Joe Bobrow is one of those people who fall into the latter category.  He was frustrated about the lack of services for returning Vets in the Iraq and Afghanistan war when he decided to "do something."  He knows all too well how war touches all of our lives but more particularly what happens when we are complacent.  No matter what issue you might be facing...Joe is one of the guys to emulate.   

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Dr. Gay Hendricks has written several best selling books, and been interviewed by many well known names. We can spend a great deal of energy trying to outrun our fear(s), no matter what they are. But what if there’s a different remedy for diminishing the power of fear in our lives? Dr. Gay Hendricks, is a strong proponent for speaking openly and honestly about the fear we wrestle with because acknowledging our fear is often half the battle. Not only is he a former professor of Counseling Psychology, but he and his wife Katie have been dubbed “Masters in the Art of Intimacy”. From an appearance on Oprah to hosting seminars around the world, he is a prominent voice in the realm of relationships, fear and finding our "zone of genius," and he is here with us today to share some of his wisdom.

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Bradley Charbonneau began writing again after ten years with a thirty day challenge.  A thousand days later and two published books he feels like he's just getting warmed up.  I believe that we can all be adept at ignoring our inner voice...which generally speaking will point us in the direction of what we feel passionate about.  We listen while we’re’s harder when responsibilities begin to weigh us down.  While we all can’t quit our day jobs to chase our creative muses, what we can do is set aside even just a few moments from our day to honor what we feel passionate about. That is exactly what my guest today, Bradley Charbonneau, did. After receiving John Muldoon’s “Monthly Experiments” Challenge, Bradley revisited his love for writing and faced his fear square in the eye and with his pen. Bradley had been published before, but ten years and two children later made it seem like a very far-off place to find his way back to. When demands of family had set in, he gave himself the ultimatum to find a “real job” to pay the bills. But the whisper of passion is relentless, and I can’t wait for you to hear how Bradley found his way back to writing, and how a simple 30-day challenge truly took on a life of its own.

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John Muldoon is a catalyst for change.  He founded "The Monthly Experiments Project" in hopes to not only challenge himself but to help motivate others.  John believes that "when you treat life as an experiment change becomes fun instead of hard."  We hope you will join us and take part in the experiment.  P.S. Jaime Tardy from the Eventual Millionaire thinks John is awesome and we just think you might, too.

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