Challenge Your Thinking with Dr. Linda Tucker

Michael Stallard's journey and wisdom comes from realizing how important human connection is and how that translates not only to our intimate relationships but with our business ones, too.  Good and respectful collegial relationships make for happy employees and relationships in general.  Mike has become a leading authority on leadership, employee engagement, and organizational culture. He is the cofounder, president, and CEO of E Pluribus Partners, a consulting firm that specializes in helping leaders create connection cultures to form strong bonds within organizations. He is the author of Connection Culture: The Competitive Advantage of Shared Identity, Empathy, and Understanding at Work and a book called Fired Up or Burned Out. He has also been a contributor to several other books and been featured in many publications worldwide, including the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and Fortune magazine to name a few and now he is here with us.  

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Lee Milteer believes that at some point in our lives we have to get clear of what our purpose is and why we are here.  Even if you have figured that much out you still might not feel you have found your sweet spot.  She is here to help do just that.  Her most recent book, “Reclaim the Magic” is a part of those answers.  If you want to “manifest” what you want in life then this is the episode for you.  She tells us about what may have held her back in life and how she refused to allow anyone or anything to do just that.  If you want to figure out a way to do the same or hear a really good talk I hope you will tune in.  Lee has plenty of helpful hints not only from this book but from some of her others that are sure to inspire you.

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Ash Beckham is a speaker whose "speeches are dynamic, intrepid, highly relatable and intrinsically comical."  "She didn't set out to become a viral sensation with her Tedx talk Coming Out of Your Closet or her Boulder Ignite speech, I am SO GAY." "She was just a person with a lot on her mind and a story to share."  Nonetheless, "her willingness to strike a conversation about tough topics has inspired more than 8 million viewers." Her message is simple: "we aren't that different," and her goal is humble, "help others recognize the power of empathy, respect and conversation."  Ash is someone who will earn your respect.  She has mine.  

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Peter Larson is a commercial paleontologist who uncovered the most complete specimen of Tyrannosaurus Rex to date.  He affectionately named this massive fossil "Sue" after the woman who initially found her.  He was eventually charged and taken to court by the US Government for illegally removing fossils off of Federal Land even though he had paid the landowner before he removed anything.  It would take him a long time to resolve this and more, and he ultimately served several years in prison as a result.  Peter is a man who believes that giving up is not an option for him.  He believes that fighting for what you believe, and keep on keeping on is the right path in life.  If you are facing any life circumstance where you are considering giving up or giving in we hope you will listen to this episode first.  Peter is currently hoping for a pardon from President Obama before he leaves office.  We wish him that and more and believe that you will too once you listen to his story.      

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