Challenge Your Thinking with Dr. Linda Tucker

Cliff Ravenscraft believes that if you pursue your passion the money will follow.  He experienced a lot of personal pressure to take over the family business and pursue the ministry as his calling.  The problem was that did not turn out to be his true calling.  If you were to look at the Top 100 Business Podcasts on iTunes chances are more than half of them have consulted with or been trained by Cliff.  Tune in and find out how he managed to find and pursue his passion and how he might help you to do the same.

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Unstoppable people are driven by a purpose.  They are energized by passion.  They are empowered by a  belief system.  They are equipped by preparation.  They are strengthened by a team.  They are renewed through creativity and creatively solving problems and they are rewarded by perseverance.  This interview with Cynthia Kersey will show you how following her seven steps of getting a purpose and finding a way to express that in the world even when you have never done it before is still possible.  Believe…  

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Gabriel Angelo MasterBlaster G is a fifteen year old San Francisco Street Artist and Icon.  If you think a 15 year old has nothing of value to say or teach you then you are disagreeing with Ellen Degeneres .  At the age of six Gabriel fell in love with a shiny brass trumpet that he has never stopped practicing or performing with.  This is a young man who has been and is going places.  If you don't believe me just ask him.  This young man has an impressive enthusiasm and a belief in himself that defies his chronological age.  Master G's goal is make the world a better place and his music and zest for life just might leave you with a smile you didn't have before listening to him.

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In 2001 Kim Krompass became an overnight multi millionaire.  By 2008 she was losing it all and everyone else's, too.  What is life like having that kind of wealth and what becomes of a money manager/financial trader who loses it all and then some?  Kim Krompass (Price Action Traders Institute) is someone who has learned a thing or two about what happens to people when they stop paying attention or start believing they are so special that they don't have to.  Come along for the lessons learned in this weeks episode of CYT (Challenge Your Thinking).

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Dr. John McDougall is a thought leader.  He has been challenging people's thinking since 1970.  He discovered something amazing about people's health while he was a Hawaiian plantation doctor that long ago.  He has been putting it to use in his practice and has the research to prove it.  He currently runs a health and wellness program in CA that is endorsed by the likes of Dr. Dean Ornish.  Dr. McDougall not only alleviates hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, some cancers and other ills…he can cure them.  You heard it right, cure them.  The billion dollar pharmaceutical industry swats him away like a fly but anyone who is willing to listen is hearing him loud and clear.  

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