Challenge Your Thinking with Dr. Linda Tucker
Richard McCann is living proof that our stories aren’t over even after the darkest of tragedies. He was only five years old when his mother was murdered by a serial killer.  While it’s hard to comprehend this type of devastating loss, Richard has somehow managed to keep his heart so open that he has become an inspiration to others and a well sought after motivational speaker. His journey has been a profound one taking him down roads that we might never have taken but we can certainly learn from his choices and lessons learned.  His most profound lesson to date has been to choose forgiveness. Richard understands that when we share even our most painful stories, we have the opportunity to learn what it means to live with an open heart.
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Jim Riviello is a business growth expert who reminds us that focusing on the next three steps in front of us will slow us down long enough so we won't feel overwhelmed.  If we are successful in business but our children, spouses or employees want little to do with us then we have not achieved true success.  If we don't take the time to find out who we are it's unlikely that anyone else will ever really know us either.  Jim emphasizes that while planning for our future is important and necessary for achieving our goals it is also important to slow ourselves down and liv in the present.  Nothing meaningful ever comes easy, and that includes personal growth.  Honoring our journey, or what I call the process, is just as important as getting there.  One can often preclude the other so it's especially important to accomplish both.  

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Brigadier General, Dr. Rhonda Cornum is tough and gentle.  I find the two are often a package deal.   In today's interview with  Brigadier General and Physician Rhonda Cornum, we will learn that resilience can be taught, learned and even mastered. However, here is the best part...whether you are a civilian or in the military or even feel like the walking wounded today’s episode is for you. After surviving a helicopter crash while on a rescue mission during the first Iraq war General Cornum was then taken prisoner. if that isn’t a petri dish to test one’s resilience, I don’t know what is.  Gen. Cornum is well acquainted with the double-edged sword of hardship, but as you will soon learn, she is also adamant about not being defined by those experiences... except in terms of lessons learned. When Dr. Cornum returned back to the States after being rescued, people were often confused when she would explain that instead of experiencing PTSD, she felt stronger because of her experience. As Dr. Michaela Haas notes in her book Bouncing Forward, in the early 1990s, the term “post traumatic growth” had not yet been discovered. Instead of blindly accepting what some consider constricting labels that trauma survivors are given, Dr. Cornum focused on re-claiming the agency over what she could control. Before she retired from the military, Dr. Cornum developed the Comprehensive Soldier Fitness Program, which not only helps boost resilience in troops, but can help all of us in everyday life. Rhonda’s story is a reminder that the human spirit is capable of surmounting unimaginable challenges, and that if anything, living through a near-death situation can make life that much more precious and cherished.   

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