Challenge Your Thinking with Dr. Linda Tucker

Have you ever seen someone dance like a warrior and you could not take your eyes off of them?  Dr. Ananda Shankar Jayant is such a woman.  This woman is also someone you may not be able to "take your ears" off of.  She is poignant and noted as one of the five Greatest Ted Talks by Indians "You Need to See" according to the Huffington Post, and, may I add, she is listed as number one.  She has earned it.  She is inspirational, funny, self deprecatingly original and thought provoking.  She is also one of India's most eminent and renowned dancers and is celebrated as one of India's leading classical dancers, choreographers, and dance scholars who is guaranteed to make you question how you think about things.  I invite you to challenge your thinking with Ananda Jayant. 

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This is a two part series.  Part 2:  Monty Roberts was not only curious about horses.  When he studied at Cal Poly (almost sixty years ago) he was not only interested in animal behavior, he was interested in understanding the brain and why we do the things we do.  An advisor of his set him on a course he would ultimately return to and receive countless awards for.  Monty began working as a first responder with Veterans who had returned from war but eventually left that job because he could not stand what "these kids were going through."  However, before he left he had already taken some of the "chosen" ones down to his farm because he believed even back then that animals could teach human beings something.  Please join us to hear what Monty was taught and what he has to teach us as a result.  Please do not be fooled by thinking Monty is a one trick pony.  What he has to offer benefits everyone.    

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This is a two part series.  Part 1:  Monty Roberts is known as the man who listens to horses.  He has led an extraordinary life as an internationally recognized, award-winning trainer and rider of championship horses.  In 1948 at the age of thirteen he discovered a way that horses communicate to one another.  He became convinced that what he saw that day would change how people treated, trained and communicated with horses.  Part 1 is about Monty's consistent message of non-violence and the journey he has taken to share this message with others and the hardships, obstacles and uphill battle he continues to experience even today.  In 1996 he was invited to Windsor Castle to meet with the Queen of England who was curious from the beginning about what Monty Roberts was teaching and ultimately convinced him to write one of his first best selling books that sold over 5 million copies.  That book was "The Man Who Listens to Horses."  Please join us and find out it's about way more than good horse sense.  It's good people sense.

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