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Dr. Amy Cuddy is a Harvard Professor, Researcher, Author and Social Scientist.  In 2012, she graced the Ted Talk stage and became one of their top two all time favorite presenters by discussing how nonverbal behavior and snap judgments can affect us from the classroom to the boardroom. Millions of us--nearly 34 million to be exact-- sat up and listened. She has expounded upon that Ted talk and turned it into her new bestselling book called “Presence.” Amy Cuddy is doing meaningful work by showing us what authentic presence really means and she is touching a nerve around the world with her research and her new book. Rather than trying to protect how we are perceived, Amy advocates that we tap into our vulnerability by letting our true selves be seen.  While it might seem easier in the moment to shrink back and avoid the risk of being seen, we will ultimately miss out on the deep sense of connection and satisfaction that comes from being authentic.

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