Challenge Your Thinking with Dr. Linda Tucker

Aaron Walker was 27 years old when he reached a level of success people dream about.  What he wasn’t prepared for was the hollow feeling that came with it.  His message today is get your priorities straight...and, by all means pay it forward.  While he could have settled into an early retirement and what some people consider the “comfortable life he didn't. Intuitively, he  knew there was more out there for him. When you fear missing an opportunity more than failure, success is only a matter of time. Aaron began seeking out others who wanted similar things in life: growth, opportunity, and to “give back” in some way. He also found what he hadn’t had before...mentors who would help him develop his potential. Today, Aaron helps others discover how to build significance into their lives by investing in relationships, not just retirement plans. If you’ve ever doubted whether a successful life can also be a meaningful one, then you’ll want to keep listening; because moving forward in your career and building lasting relationships don’t need to be mutually exclusive. Aaron has a powerful message for anyone spending more energy holding onto regret rather than focusing on what you can control---your future.

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